Zero Nox, Inc. is headquartered in the San Joaquin Valley and specializes in the development , manufacture , and sale of electric powertrain technology and its integration into electric vehicles. Our main focus as an organization to be the highest performing electric powertrain provider for Off-Highway Vehicles.  Our main focus as an organization is to consistently develop and improve our powertrain systems and software to outperform the industry.

We exist to give power back to the individual through uncompromising electric technology.

We guarantee endurance, reliability, and resilience for years to come.


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It's all we care about, it's all we think about, and it's why vehicle manufacturers are choosing us to launch their next generation electric vehicle programs.  The success of our battery is due to a combination of our battery technology and our battery management system. The vehicles infused with our ZeroNox Batteries last longer, charge faster, are more efficient, and require no maintenance. 

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A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others.






Chief Executive Officer


Vonn R. Christenson is an original founder  and the Chief Executive Officer of ZeroNox. Mr. Christenson obtained a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School in 2006, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics magna cum laude with Honors from Brigham Young University in 2003.  Mr. Christenson was born and raised in Porterville, California, where ZeroNox's headquarters are located.  Having a passion for his local community, Mr. Christenson returned to Porterville to help support his hometown community, and ZeroNox is an important part of that effort.  Mr. Christenson is married with five young boys, and he enjoys playing basketball and piano.




Robert Cruess is an original Founder and the President of ZeroNox.  Mr. Cruess is an Entrepreneur and Businessman, having obtained a Business degree from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2009, and also holds a Real Estate License and Mortgage License. Mr. Cruess’ experience and expertise include starting and running several businesses, sales, product development, real estate, loans, youth outreach, and community growth. Mr. Cruess’ Business contributions include patents for products he has designed, starting multiple local business’, and doing Multi-Million Dollars in Real Estate transactions through his Real Estate Investment Companies: Rico Property Group, Invia Investments, and HCS Investments. Mr. Cruess was born in Spokane, Washington but has lived most of his life in Porterville, California and the San Joaquin Valley, is married and enjoys time with his wife and 5 children, volunteering in the local community, and is an avid sports fan.


Chief Operations Officer


Jason Eggett is the COO of ZeroNox and is focused on driving growth and revenue for the company and is passionate about helping customers find the best solutions to fit their business challenges. Jason has several years of enterprise sales experience with Microsoft where he worked with Fortune 500 companies across many different industries including retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and oil and gas. During his time at Microsoft he owned multimillion dollar quotas and consistently exceeded his revenue targets. Jason’s business background includes product management for a technology company, product marketing and strategy for Dell, and sales consulting for Adobe. Jason has a BS degree in business strategy and an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and sales from Brigham Young University.  Jason, his wife, and their three children currently reside near the ZeroNox headquarters in Porterville, California.



Director of Information Technology


Andrew Chandler is the Director of Information Technology for ZeroNox.  Andrew is focused on helping drive technology innovation and keeping ZeroNox on the cutting edge of technology in the EV market.  Andrew has several years experience leading technical teams and projects.  This includes a cutting edge Decision based technology for Countrywide home loans (Bank of America loan servicing) that Predicts costs of loan portfolio and fixed data, saving millions of dollars for Countrywide and hundreds of man hours in personnel time.  As CTO of Dermacia inc.  Andrew was instrumental in driving the technology forward through the growth of the company.  

Andrew received his BS degree in computer science from UC Irvine and graduate studies in data science at WGU.  He currently resides near ZeroNox headquarters in Porterville, California with his wife and 5 children. 


Director of Battery Technology


With over 50+ Patents to his name, Dale has been in the battery technology industry for over 35 years. His extensive experience in battery systems have made him an integral part in the ZeroNox Powertrain Development team. Known around the factory as "Mr. No Problem," Dale has garnered the respect of the team for his positive attitude and technical competence in the face of any obstacle always responding to any challenge with "no problem." 



Director of Engineering

Jacob is an experienced engineer who has worked at SpaceX, GE, and, a national laboratory. He cut his teeth building electronics for wind tunnels and evolved to writing software and data science. With twenty years of experience solving problems now is focused on improving the efficiency and reliability of ZeroNox systems.




Director of Factory Operations


Directing all aspects of factory operations at the ZeroNox headquarters in Porterville, California. Buzz is highly respected among the factory staff and executive team alike for his extensive knowledge across vehicle production process and his miraculous ability to maintain a highly productive and organized team in the face of constant challenging variables. 



Director of Service

Nate directs all aspects of the ZeroNox Service department with 12 years of aerospace manufacturing, assembly and repair experience.  He hails from an industry where accuracy, quality, and efficiency are paramount to the success of the operation. He uses his vast experience to optimize the production team to manufacture, assemble, integrate technology, and deliver over 50 vehicles a month.  Nate regularly suggests new customer-focused upgrades to vehicles in production and is responsible for creating an environment to scale our fulfillment process as the company aggressively grows.




Director of Corporate Finance


Patrick Cole has been President of Armada Mercantile Ltd. since 1991. Mr. Cole is a seasoned merchant banker, past FINRA Broker/Dealer, venture capitalist and financier who has participated and raised capital on behalf of private and public companies worldwide. Mr. Cole has cultivated relationships over the past 30 years with European banks, merchant banks, private equity firms, institutional investors and broker-dealers worldwide. Mr. Cole has an extensive and successful background in raising capital, merchant banking, mergers and acquisitions, negotiating and structuring funding transactions on behalf of private and public company clients. Mr. Cole invests a substantial amount of time with client companies, investors and shareholder contacts, which Mr. Cole feels is key to future success. 




Director of Product Development


Zakary Tyler Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Technological Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Zakary has successfully launched over 100 products from concept through production across the aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial and medical industries. Some notable products include the Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack, Google X Loon, Samsung Smartwatch and Ventec’s ventilator which was utilized in the Defense Product Act during the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking products from conceptualization to mass production through co-developing innovative solutions with product innovators is Zakary’s passion. Additional areas of expertise includes integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced manufacturing principals, materials design, industrial design, predictive engineering, regulatory/compliance, rapid prototyping, NPI, manufacturing and go-to-market strategies.



Director of Supply Chain

Leif Ringstad brings 25 years of international business experience to ZeroNox.  Leading our supply chain team, Leif is responsible for supplier qualification, production, and logistics across our pan-Asian supply base, as well as coordinating with the various regulatory agencies in the US. Previously, he served as National Sales Manager for Samsung BCS division, and as General Manager for North and South America for Maruyama US.  Leif resides in Northwest Wisconsin with Jaime, and their two daughters, Sloane and Scarlett, and their Great Dane, Olaf.  



Dealer Territory Manager


Ricardo Alejandro Armendarez is the Sales Manager of U.S. Sales for ZeroNox. Ricardo is focused on exponential growth and revenue for the company and is passionate about helping build and industry leading team. In addition, he is focused on delivering quality customer service. Ricardo has more than 9 years of sales expertise in the solar, storage, and the renewable industry. During his time as a leading solar professional, he helped shape solar policy for the State of California by actively meeting at the State Capitol and holding meetings with legislators to better inform and advocate for solar and storage policy. He built multimillion dollar sales teams and consistently exceeded his revenue targets. Ricardo also taught English as a second language in Barcelona, Spain for 2 Years. Ricardo has a BA degree in sociology from Cal State Channel Islands.  Ricardo, his wife, and their three children are Porterville, California natives and love the beach.




Dealer Territory Manager


Leo Ramos is the  Western United States Territory Manager for Zero Nox. Leo brings 27 years of operational management, along with 17 years in dealership sales experience to the Zero Nox team. Leo is focused on the growth of the company, while building long lasting relationships with dealers across North America and globally. Leo values the power of relationships with his dealers, as that is the foundation that business grow on. Prior to joining the Zero Nox team, Leo demonstrated his dedication to the growth with his former employers. He spent most of his career in the farm store and equipment operation industry. Throughout his years of sales and operational management, he has consistently increased sales revenue by 20-30% yearly. In the last 17 years, Leo has demonstrated his skills as a distributor representative, consistently setting up dealerships for his former company Brewt Power Systems. Throughout his years with the company, he set up multiple dealers across the Western United States for Hustler Turf Equipment, Lowe Pruning Tools, and Campagnola; while simultaneously working hand and hand with the growers themselves. Leo resides in Ducor, California with his wife of 24 years and their two kids.  




Board Members

30+ Years of manufacturing experience where he built his company Premier Trailer, into the largest trailer manufacturer company in California. 



Board Members


40+ Years in the agricultural industry including running his own highly successful farm operations in the San Joaquin Valley. Kelley owns property world wide and is a veteran in project development. 



Board Members


Serial Entrepreneur, investor, Fortune Magazine 40 under 40 nominee, Elena advises senior executives, CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, family offices, and mid-market companies, and places her clients in top tier editorials and news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business, Review, and Bloomberg to name a few.




Advisory Board Member

Mr. Phillip W. Oldridge is an Advisory Board Director and engineering consultant for ZeroNox, bringing over three decades of experience in the transportation sector, and in launching manufacturing business ventures.  He has built several private companies from scratch that resulted in significant value to both owners and shareholders.  He is a recognized leading entrepreneur in the transportation industry.  Mr. Oldridge brings ZeroNox his expertise in green energy technology and a wealth of relationships in the green energy industry.  Mr. Oldridge received an MBA in Business from Richmond University in London, England and is married with two children.


Advisory Board Member


Mr. Peter Lo is an Advisory Board Director and logistics consultant for ZeroNox, bringing a decade of experience in overseas manufacturing and import/export expertise in the Asian marketplace.  He and his team oversee the implementation of “segregated” manufacturing facilities in China.  This approach offers significant cost competitiveness and high-quality standards, with “industry leading” short delivery schedules, which is something other competition struggles to achieve.



Advisory Board Member


James is bringing over a decade of experience in strategic finance, investment banking and corporate strategy.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the company after having spent several years on Wall Street, advising public and private companies on M&A assignments, IPOs, and other debt and equity financings.  Mr. Barker also currently helps lead corporate strategy and M&A for a multi-billion dollar private technology company and sits on the Advisory Council for his regional Technology Executives Roundtable.  Mr. Barker is married with three children and graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Accounting.